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Mike's Story

Wesla's Story

The Whitsill Scrapbook by Mike Greensill

The life and times of vocalist Wesla Whitfield and piano player Mike Greensill

The scrapbook is part biography, part photo album and a full exploration of the world of Cabaret and Jazz from San Francisco to London, to New York City.
Mike writes eloquently about a 21 album recording career and he explores performance highlights from joints like Carnegie Hall to the White House. All illustrated with many backstage pics, performance reviews and intimate encounters with showbiz personalities.
It's the story of two musical characters who met, worked together, fell in love, worked together some more, got married and then lived happily ever after.
Their names are Wesla Whitfield and Mike Greensill. It’s the story of two lives dedicated to music-making and attempting to live life to the fullest.